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Why Choose Kenpo 5.0 Martial Arts?

The Kenpo 5.0 Martial Arts system continues to evolve with the current threat of the time into the most effective self defense style anywhere.

Jeff Speakman Kenpo 5.0 Online Academy offers the highest-quality training available. Kenpo 5.0 Martial Arts is an evolving martial art that will offer you dynamic fitness, authentic self-defense skills, and an incredible community.

What we offer is more than just martial arts training. We offer a healthy lifestyle, unwavering confidence, and the opportunity to improve yourself in innumerable ways. Join us and see for yourself how Jeff Speakman Kenpo 5.0 Martial Arts Online Academy can transform your life!

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North America

  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Gilbert, Arizona – 884 W Warner Rd B1, Gilbert, AZ 85233, United States
  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Crescent City, California – 1270 Front St Crescent City, CA 95531, United States
  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Eureka(Lost Coast), California – 7 Fifth St Eureka, CA 95501, United States
  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Fortuna, California – 735 S Fortuna Blvd Fortuna, CA 95540, United States
  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Lake Arrowhead, California – 26120 CA-189 Twin Peaks, CA 92391, United States
  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Montebello, California – 929 Hibiscus St Montebello, CA 90640, United States
  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 North Bay, California – 2688 Santa Rosa Ave, Suite C, Santa Rosa, CA 95407, United States
  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Oak Hills, California – 13312 Ranchero Rd Oak Hills, CA 92344, United States
  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Pasadena, California – 1614 E Washington Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91104, United States
  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Redlands, California – 501 W Redlands Blvd, Redlands, CA 92373, United States
  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Riverside, California – 3564 Central Ave, #1C, Riverside, CA. 92506, United States
  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Whittier, California – 10722 Beverly Blvd, Suite L, Whittier CA 90601
  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Olathe, Kansas – 539 East Santa Fe, Suite 4, Olathe, KS 66061
  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 World Training Center, Las Vegas – 6315 S Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89118, United States
  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Querétaro, Mexico – Metralla 8, Querétaro, Qro Mexico
  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 De Soto, Missouri – 414 S Main StDe Soto, MO 63020, United States
  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Albuquerque, New Mexico – 7521 Carmel Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM 87113, United States
  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Santa Fe, New Mexico – 5984 Airport Rd #102, Santa Fe, NM 87507, United States
  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 San Antonio, Texas – 9122 Grissom Rd, San Antonio, TX 78251, United States

South America

  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Laz Paz, Bolivia – Vitruvio II, Av. Sanchez Bustamante, La Paz, Bolivia
  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Santa Cruz, Bolivia – Nº 94 Escuela Internacional de Artes Marciales. C. Dr. Jaime Roman, 3er Anillo Externo, entre Canal Isuto y, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia


  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Godarville, Belgium – Place de Gaulle 7160 Chapelle-lez-Herlaimont, Belgium
  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Kortrijk, Belgium – Gauwelstraat 112, 8551 Zwevegem, Belgium
  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Oostkamp, Belgium – Albrecht Rodenbachstraat 42, 8020 Oostkamp, Belgium
  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Dieppe, France – Route de Pourville 76200 Dieppe, France
  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Epinal, France -79 Rue d’Alsace, 88000 Épinal, France
  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Etampes, France – 9 Rue Carnot 45300 Pithiviers, France
  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Paris, France – 26 Avenue du Général Sarrail, 75016 Paris, France
  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Rouen, France – 17 Rue Achille Flaubert, 76000 Rouen, France
  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Athens, Greece – Saranta Ekklision 2-20, Peristeri 121 34, Greece
  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Bunschoten, Holland – Plecht 1, 3751 WB Bunschoten-Spakenburg, Netherlands
  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Skien, Norway – Kverndalsgata 5, 3717 Skien, Norge
  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Vialonga, Portugal – Largo da Igreja 1, 1070-145 Lisboa, Portugal
  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Cieza, Spain – Calle de Diego Marín-Barnuevo Jaén 30530 Cieza, Murcia, Spain
  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Exeter, United Kingdom – Unit 8a, Mill Park Industrial Estate, Woodbury, Exeter. EX5 1EL, United Kingdom
  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Torquay, United Kingdom – Kingskerswell Public Hall, Newton Road, Kingskerswell, TQ12 5ES, United Kingdom


  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Brisbane, Australia – 121 Mains Rd Sunnybank QLD 4109, Australia
  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Macarthur, Australia – 72 Central Ave Oran Park NSW 2570, Australia
  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Melbourne, Australia – 1 Rosto Ct Tullamarine VIC 3043, Australia
  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Sydney, Australia – D4, 27-29 Fariola St Silverwater NSW 2128, Australia


  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Auckland, New Zealand – Blockhouse Bay – 95 Bolton Street, Blockhouse Bay, Auckland 0600, New Zealand
  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Auckland, New Zealand – Mt Albert – 12 Seaview Terrace, Mount Albert, Auckland 1025, New Zealand
  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Auckland, New Zealand – Western Springs – Rocky Nook Avenue, Western Springs, Auckland 1022, New Zealand
  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Cambridge, New Zealand – 1 Oliver Street,Cambridge 3434, New Zealand
  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Matakana, New Zealand – 952 Matakana Road, Matakana, Auckland 0985, New Zealand
  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 North Shore, New Zealand – 3 Kaimahi Road, Wairau Valley, Auckland 0627, New Zealand
  • Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Taranaki, New Zealand – 16 Oropuriri Road Waiwhakaiho, New Plymouth 4312, New Zealand

What is Kenpo 5.0

Learn more about Kenpo 5.0 and the 5.0 Online Academy

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Questions & Answers

What kind of Martial Arts do we do?

Kenpo 5.0. This style is a second generation evolution from the traditional American Kenpo style. Created through the vision of Ed Parker to “Never allow American Kenpo to become traditionalized”, Jeff Speakman and the network of Black belts and school owners worldwide have worked continuously to evolve the Kenpo 5.0 with the times. Always evolving with the threat you will find on the street means Kenpo 5.0 is constantly expanding its material to address the street fighting style of the time. Click here about-kenpo-5-0 to learn more.

How do I get signed up?

The sign up process is fairly painless and simple. Seeing as how you are interested in joining the Online Academy school community the sign up process is a step by step walk through from picking your program, adding you information, ordering your uniform & belt personal protection equipment, uniform patches, and other *training equipment.

* Optional

I’m a current Kenpo 5.0 student, Can I join the OA?

This is a gray area, fellow Kenpo 5.0 family member. This will take a conversation between you and your current Kenpo 5.0 instructor, followed by a conversation between me and your current Kenpo 5.0 instructor. And finally a conversation between you and me if applicable. We operate under full transparency and integrity here at the Online Academy. In short your current instructor will need to provide you permission to train with the OA (and a kenpo 5.0 student may not be enrolled in both). If there are any issues, or grievances those will need to be addressed and resolved with your current 5.0 instructor; the OA and myself will not get involved. In short a Kenpo 5.0 may not be a student of two Kenpo 5.0 schools at the same time.

When are classes?

There are live zoom classes 1-2 times per week depending on your program and belt level. The zoom classes are recorded and archived on the student portal dashboard. This will allow you to watch the most recent class you may have missed, and review other zoom classes for months prior. When you choose your program you will be made aware of when the Live Zoom classes are held.

I have trained in Kenpo 5.0 before, can I join the OA?

This answer depends on what grounds you stopped training.
Yes, you may join if…

  • you chose to stop training for whatever life reason forced you to stop
  • you moved out of the area of a brick-and-mortar school
  • Your schedule no longer allows you to train at your current school
  • Other option not listed, contact me directly

No if…

  • You were dismissed as a student by your Kenpo 5.0 instructor or Master Speakman. Once you have been dismissed or more roughly put, cut off from the Kenpo 5.0 family you may not join any Kenpo 5.0 school in the association. If you are unsure if this is you, please contact me so we may have that conversation.

How much are classes?

The Online Academy student tuition $175/month. The OA runs different specials throughout the year and has great friends and family kickbacks and discounts.  Click here to join JSK 5.0 Online Academy  and begin your journey today.

Is there a Friends and Family discount?

Yes! One of your most important training assets will be your training partner. While it is doable to learn Kenpo 5.0 without, Having a training partner will keep you accountable, push you on days you don’t feel like training, and vis-versa, and be that hands on person that will help you internalize the hands on contact of our self defense based system. This will be especially important as you enter the intermediate levels of Kenpo 5.0 (Purple belt and up)

  • For your immediate family you will receive a discount code for them to apply at check out when signing up as an OA student.
  • Are you interested in recommending friends? The more the merrier! The OA will set up an affiliate link for you to share our program with all your friends. For each friend who signs up you will get a % kickback each month for the life of their tuition. No limit to how many friends you can invite to train with you. If you are interested in this please let me know. Once you are an OA student I will send you more information.

How do we get our belt?

For every rank advancement in Kenpo 5.0 every student must test and pass their test to advance. The thought of a test may be scary to many, however if you are on the testing list means you have already shown your instructor that you know your material. Your test is your opportunity to show us how amazing you are. Up through purple belt your test will be on Zoom, with me and a panel of black belt instructors. For Blue and above an in person test is required of ALL our Kenpo 5.0 students. When this time comes for you I will assist you in making those arrangements. Post test you will be given access to receive your belt the same way you obtained your uniform. More info on this inside the OA student portal.

What is special about your type of martial arts?

Kenpo 5.0 is at the cutting edge of the Self Defense based martial arts. Instructors world provide the most up to date self defense based age appropriate education that is cohesive among all schools located in over 18 different countries. A special aspect of Kenpo 5.0 is that it is an art of perpetual change. We are constantly working to advance the material to change with the times possible threat we may face in any situation.

The unprecedented self defense aspect aside, Kenpo 5.0 provides a platform for all students to learn and develop life-long skills that can be carried into the community and every life aspect. Skills such as confidence, respect, compassion, awareness, and out of the box thinking are only a handful of examples of the values our students carry to create the wave of difference in their community.

To put importance on one aspect of Kenpo 5.0 alone would be a disservice to the depth of what sets Kenpo 5.0 apart from the rest. It is important to mention the family and Kenpo 5.0 community. We are truly a family. Our cohesive nature of Kenpo 5.0 material, taught the same in every school across the world, means we operate through the barriers of time, distance and language. This also means as a Kenpo 5.0 student you are able to visit any 5.0 school world wide and would be welcomed with open arms to train on the mat alongside your fellow students. Off the mat the support our community provides to one another in this journey of life is unlike any I’ve experienced in the 30 years of training in the Martial Arts. This feeling is what will be the foundation of the Online Academy backed by the common ground of respect and learning of the Kenpo 5.0 material.

For more information on the Evolution of Kenpo 5.0 please follow the link below and read what Master Speakman has to say.

Is this practical defense tactics? Will this protect me and my family from an attacker?

Kenpo 5.0 is one of the most well rounded martial arts styles for self-defense. This style provides knowledge in stand up conflict, engaged combat, and ground fighting concepts. We tie together all this knowledge with our 5.0 fighting that is stand up and ground contact fighting. This will be introduced in the intermediate and advanced belt levels (blue and up).

How much time will this take per week?

The minimum time investment will be approximately 3-4 hours per week. However the actual answer depends on how you approach your training. If you approach your training as a lifestyle choice and see the benefit in how your training can impact and benefit your life then your training will have no maximum or minimum hours. You are responsible for attending one zoom class a week, either live or on recording, and participating in your pre-recorded lessons for that week.

To accomplish anything worthwhile it takes an investment on your part. Kenpo 5.0 Students are held to a high expectation of learning, demonstrating and retaining all material both past and present. How much time do you want to invest to rise up to that level of excellence?

Do I get a real belt and uniform?

Yes, Upon signing up as an Online Academy student you will receive step-by-step information on how to obtain your uniform and belt.

Is this live or recorded?

In short the answer is yes. As an Online Academy student you will have access to the Online University where Master Speakman has pre-recorded all material and written journals, you will also have access to pre-recorded lessons through your student portal that will make navigating your belt material easier. We will also have weekly live zoom classes where we will be able to interact, ask questions and refine your material. These zoom classes will be recorded and archived in your student portal for viewing if you are unable to attend the live zoom class.

Are there tests?

Yes. Every student is required to test to advance to their next level of material. Your yellow through purple belt test will be on the zoom platform. Beginning at blue belt and every belt after it is a Kenpo 5.0 worldwide requirement for all students to test in person. If you are nowhere near a brick and mortar school no need to worry, I will work with you to make testing for blue belt and beyond possible.

Sustained excellence is of highest priority in JSK Kenpo 5.0 school system. Every school holds a high level of cohesive excellence. This is sustained annually at our world event where all school owners are required to test regardless if they are advancing in rank. We expect nothing less from all our students. The beautiful aspect to the testing is that by the time a student is ready for rank advancement the test is simply an opportunity to show how amazing your kenpo 5.0 knowledge and movement is.

Am I able to pause my subscription?

If life happens and for whatever reason you need to stop training after the initial 4 month period you may cancel your student tuition at any time. Kenpo 5.0 is always here. When life circles back around you may pick up where you left off and continue your training. Of course this will take communication between you and the OA to make this process simple and easy.

How long does it take to get my black belt?

The journey to black belt is different for everyone. On average it will take 4-6 years depending on your level of commitment and consistency. While black belt is a beautiful milestone in your Kenpo 5.0 journey it does not have to signify an endpoint of your training. Kenpo 5.0 has an extensive curriculum beyond black belt level for your continued education.

What if this isn’t right for me?

Prior to getting started you will have plenty of opportunity to ask your questions, meet me and learn what kenpo 5.0 is all about. We will even have a zoom meet prior to opening the doors for student registration so you may meet me live and get your questions in real time. Once you sign up there is a minimum 4 month commitment. This will allow you to work through your first belt module to really get a feel for the Kenpo 5.0 Online Academy. After the initial 4 month commitment you may cancel your tuition at any time. You have a 7 day window after your initial purchase to cancel and receive a refund before the 4 month commitment kicks in.

What if we have a big family? Is there a discount?

The more the merrier. There are family member discounts available. Upon signing up the first family member you will be asked if more family members are joining you, at which point you will be sent a discount code for the additional family members.