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Hello and welcome!

“I want you to always remember that Kenpo will always be the art of perpetual change… If you remember this then the art will never become obsolete.” … “The ignorant refuse to study and the intelligent never stop.” 

Supreme Grand Master Ed Parker

Kenpo 5.0 is the art of perpetual change, not for the pure sake of change,but to allow our style to remain on the cutting edge of self-defense based martial arts. Our collective unit of instructors and school owners led by Master Jeff Speakman continue collaborating to create the most up-to-date system of curriculum to address the Jiu-Jitsu and MMA evolution of threat, bringing in the knowledge of how to do our kenpo on the ground and keep it relevant to the times. 

The combate models of Kenpo 5.0 address the progression of attacks from stand up to contact manipulation, take-downs and defense on the ground. The material learned in the progression of the belt system, along with the technique family grouping of the combate models, assists our students to embody the kenpo flow of effective motion in self defense.  

Utilizing the science of motion, physics, principles and concepts that are the foundation of the art of Kenpo, birthed through the brilliance of Grand Master Ed Parker when he created American Kenpo, we have a fantastic style of martial arts that builds on itself through the belt progression and combate models. While it is not that difficult to learn, it takes dedication to retain all material from the start as Kenpo 5.0 builds upon its strong foundation of basics and all material in sequential belt order. 

Kenpo 5.0 is more than a constant evolution of self-defense based curriculum addressing the current threat, we are a family. Our worldwide family currently reaches more than 20 countries connecting thousands of Kenpo 5.0 students, their families and communities. To paraphrase Senior Master Jeff Speakman, ‘The mark of a great martial artist is their ability to make a positive impact during their life on this planet and leave this world a better place than it was when they entered.’  We accomplish this through the values and morals that run through the foundation of our Kenpo 5.0 family and our like-minded community. 

Wisdom, Strength and Kindness built on a foundation of respect for self and others is what our students learn to embody. Other attributes such as confidence, resilience, team-work, and perseverance, to name a few, are all qualities our instructors worldwide teach to our students through leading by example. 

About the Online Academy

The Online Academy is the Kenpo 5.0 Online Only school designed for the martial artist looking to learn Kenpo 5.0 but not within striking distance of a brick and mortar school. 

Our OA community spans worldwide and has programs for youth and adults. Whether you are a novice beginner or a martial arts lifer you will be able to walk your Kenpo 5.0 journey through the Online Academy. 

Utilizing 3 methods: 

– Live weekly zooms classes

– 24/7 connection to Master Speakman’s Online University 

– 24/7 access to your student portal where you will participate in weekly pre-recorded lessons by me, your OA instructor. 

These lessons mirror the same type of instruction you would receive on a physical mat. Work through these lessons at your own pace at a time that suits you. 

Online Academy Student Portal: 24/7 access

– Calendar with built in links to your classes

– Access to your belt rank, and all prior rank courses 

– Access to all recorded and archived zoom classes

– Access recorded and archived master-classes and seminars taught by 5.0 school owners and seasoned martial artists from all styles. 

The Kenpo 5.0 Online Academy is here to provide you a connection to the Kenpo 5.0 worldwide community. We welcome you with open arms and open hearts  to our family. 

Now a little about your instructor…

Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about me!

I started my martial arts journey at the age of 5, exploring American Kenpo. Despite an early setback, my dad located a martial arts school that I would call home.  My passion for martial arts grew when we found what is now People’s Kenpo Karate under the ownership and instruction of Chuck and Carol Cordova in Littleton, Colorado.

Fast forward to 1999, I achieved my first-degree black belt in Hawaiian Kenpo. Over the years, I’ve immersed myself in teaching, co-heading a program, and opening my own karate school in 2012.

In 2013, my family and I moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where I embraced a new martial arts family and started as a white belt in Senior Master Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 under Tony and Erika Potter . Today, as a 5th-degree black belt, I teach Kenpo 5.0 globally.

The turning point came in 2020 during the global pause, inspiring the creation of the Kenpo 5.0 Online Academy. This initiative aims to break down distance barriers, allowing students worldwide to embark on their Kenpo 5.0 journey. Now, you can learn from anywhere, at your own pace, with the same quality instruction as in a physical dojo.

Beyond martial arts, I’m a wife, mother, and certified EFT practitioner, passionate about helping others break free from personal limitations and step into thier flow of personal growth.

When not on the mat, I enjoy creating jewelry, playing guitar, hiking, reading and spending time with my family.

Much love and gratitude for joining our Kenpo family! Look forward to seeing you soon.