Learn more about Kenpo 5.0 and
the 5.0 Online Academy in 3 day email series

Hello and welcome! I’m very glad you are here.

If you are watching this welcome video chances are you are interested to learn more about Kenpo 5.0 and the 5.0 Online Academy training option.

The 5.0 Online Academy is our ONLY 5.0 online school designed to connect with students all over the world with our top notch Instruction and curriculum program.

As a student of the Kenpo 5.0 Online Academy you will have the opportunity to learn our evolving Kenpo 5.0 material through black belt and beyond. Being outside striking distance of a physical school is no longer a barrier to your training.

Now, you may be curious how online training works… as you should be.

To give you a feel for how the Online Academy training works, introduce myself as your instructor and get a sneak peek into the 5.0 Online Academy Student Portal, I have created a 3 day lesson series that will land directly in your email inbox.


Day 1

The basics needed to learn Jeff Speakman’s iconic technique Five Swords from his movie The Perfect Weapon.

Day 2

We will string these basics together to learn the Five Swords Technique.

Day 3

We travel one step further and learn how to break apart those same moves to make it your own.

By signing up for this free Email series you will receive a gift from me after your last lesson and an opportunity to be a part of the world wide Kenpo 5.0 Online Academy.

Look forward to working with you soon.

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